Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No Book

The idea for Fatty Vegan was a collaborative idea in the early stages. My friends Frank and Chelsea who became vegan sometime after meeting me shared my love for eating good, while maintaining a vegan lifestyle. Chelsea is no longer vegan (downgraded to vegetarian status) and a collaborative effort in co-publishing with Frank is not going to work out. It was a fun idea, but I do not think it’s worth focusing my time on. Not to mention the complications of publishing ideas other people had a part in. Needless to say I can have my blog about my vegan endeavors without any worry or stress. The market for vegan compulsive eaters can’t be too big anyway. It’s hard enough to find someone to eat dinner with that isn’t going to say things like: “I would never eat that”, “how do you live without meat”, “I could never be vegan”, “that looks gross”. Even though the vegan diet is a healthier option, eating animal products puts you at a much higher risk for heart disease, and most people lack the self-control and compassion to even consider a vegan lifestyle; getting the message out to compulsive eaters ranks lower on my list than some other priorities. I will follow the winds of change and focus more energy on publishing something significant and important, rather than something I could do for fun on the side.


  1. I found your blog via Expatriates blog. As I read your posts about making a cookbook, I thought back to the couple of years I was also was working with a partner on a cookbook. She was such a headcase, that I said forget it. I would just give my recipes away free. I certainly understand your eating challenges. I am a vegetarian bordering on vegan-I cannot make the total switch because medicines I have to take aren't vegan for one. My kids were both meat eaters growing up but both dabbled in vegetarianism-daughter gave it up after 20 years because her boyfriend said it was stupid-then she married him???. Hubby just blew it off. Kids moved out, and now I was only cooking once a day if hubby was not overseas. He eats what I eat or goes without. I told him, you want a steak, go to Outback. Not in my kitchen. So it's working at home for now. I do experiment on him a lot-I have made brownies using no flour, etc. But dining out? It's a joke in the Flint area and that is why I miss him working-Oakland Country was a dream as is the Ann Arbor area. So I do enjoy my once a month trips to buy groceries (Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco and indy stores,etc) as I get to pick the eatery. I have to tell you the worst dining was my sister in law saying very loudly, Oh she's a vegetarian...eyes rolling...because I questioned if the beans had lard (they did...so I went hungry-happens a lot locally) I now have issues with DIL who was raised on a farm in Iowa-mostly because she tried to make food for me when I visit but its way too much work for her to make multiple meals and I don't like being a pain. I guess I just like my own kitchen the best. I added you to my reader, so I hope to see more of your updates soon.

  2. Hey Jan! Thanks for the comment and sorry for the LONG delay!! My digital camera broke last summer so I haven't been able to take any pictures of my food! I think I am going to start my blog back up again real soon. I should have posted some recipes in text-form at least... I'll have to check out your blogs. :)