Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vegan to Non-Vegan (PG-13)

I just want to say that Morningstar Farms can kiss my ass!

Grocery stores really need to stop stocking their products in the produce sections and in the organic sections next to vegan products. The ‘beef crumbles’ used to be a staple in my vegan cooking for substituting beef in taco meat, stuffed peppers and lasagna. Now I have to change the recipes to no longer include a meat substitute product. This is good for making them less fat and calories, but that kind of goes against the point of ‘Fatty Vegan’. I hope that the Morningstar Company will find that the niche for good vegan products for transitioning and fat vegans is marketable. Most of their products now contain eggs and dairy. They are not even Hindu-Vegetarian.

Morningstar is not the only company on my shit list; Bocca deserves an ass-kicking as well. Either shit of get of the pot! One week the chickin’ products are vegan, the next they contain eggs, the next they contain dairy. I am sick of reading your bastard labels. I will no longer be using their products until they make a decision to create a sustaining vegan product that I can have a chance of incorporating into a publishable recipe. How is anyone supposed to adopt a vegan lifestyle if the products for consumption are changing every time they go to the market?

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